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  1. Meghan
    Meghan at |

    Yay TADPOG! These two guys are hilarious. Which I would say even if I wasn’t married to one of them. Seriously, check this show out.

  2. Gooter Comander
    Gooter Comander at |

    These guys are the best! Who knew playing an SNES game could be so funny.

  3. C. Basement
    C. Basement at |

    These guys know just how I like it.

  4. Gary
    Gary at |

    Love the show.

  5. Megalixir
    Megalixir at |

    Really great show that we’re proud to be a part of.

  6. Phil
    Phil at |

    You’ll come for the game talk but stay for the meandering gutter talk. Of the podcasts I listen to, these guys rank among them.

  7. Micah Perdue at |

    The best part of this show is def the guy who calls in with the Would You Rather questions…the host are okay guys too though.

    1. Tony
      Tony at |

      This podcast is the bee’s knees, the cat’s meow, the ducks enormous genetalia. Before this podcast came into my life I was wandering the”how to entertain myself on my ridiculously long commute” pergatory of audio books and Pandora. Now one full day of commuting flashes at lightning speed as I listen to who i can only describe as troubadours of the internet, Tyler and Dave

  8. Mustachioed Cleric
    Mustachioed Cleric at |

    When you first start the podcast, you realize the jokes are funnier when you know these two. Listen to about 5 episodes and then you do know them. The stories of their crazy hijinks growing up add color to a solid show about retro gaming.

    They’ve even gotten me to fire up a classic console or two to relive and retry some of the old games I remember. Definitely worth your two (to three) hours a week.


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