Future Projects

Lets start small, then we  will get out of hand and Aim to misbehave …… :)

  1. I  would like to add a Futurama type Quote to the page that changes every month


  2. A page where artist and writers can add themselves to a directory where they can be easy found. It will have a option to search by location or by “work for credit” or “work for fee” to make it easier. It might also have a place where one could make a post describing what they are looking and people could contact the poster.

    This is in the works but may not be ready anytime soon due time restraints.

  3. Weekly Animation, Podcast and web series of our own to have some consistency, while still showing your work.

    Someday, but not for a while.

  4. Another in a very long string of Geeky/Nerdy dating sites already out there….. but this one will be VERY different.Wish I knew.  Due to time and cash restraints,  this may be much, much further down the line.
  5. Buy WB and have them produce more comic book movies of higher quality. Like a GOOD Dooooomsday Movie!! Unlikely, but I’m sure Hell has to freeze over some day :p




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