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  1. Casimira Oatley
    Casimira Oatley at |

    Dear https://www.epicgeekdom.com,

    I trust this letter finds you. I am writing to address a matter of serious concern regarding the unauthorized commercial use of my copyrighted images, which were discovered on your website without my explicit consent (page titled ” Epic Geekdom ” ).

    Upon investigation, I have identified that my images are being used for commercial purposes on your platform without proper licensing or attribution. This constitutes a clear infringement of my intellectual property rights as the sole copyright holder of these works. I have also noticed that my images are being used on your social media profiles, notably: Facebook

    The unauthorized use of my images has caused significant damage to my professional reputation and financial losses. I have consulted with legal counsel, and I am prepared to pursue all available legal remedies to protect my rights, including initiating a formal legal action and filing a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice.

    However, in an effort to resolve this matter amicably and avoid protracted legal proceedings, I am willing to settle the dispute immediately upon receiving a payment of $500. This settlement amount is a fraction of the damages I have incurred due to the unauthorized use of my work.

    Please note that failure to comply with this demand within 14 days, will leave me with no alternative but to pursue legal action against you. In such an event, I will seek maximum damages under the law, as well as injunctive relief to prevent any further unauthorized use of my images.

    To facilitate a prompt resolution, kindly remit the settlement amount to any of the following wallets:

    Bitcoin: bc1q4206tlzgldnr3efu44hf9m6qm329ztzxhqfxdw
    Ethereum: 0xa74cce7805342F10df39B698342380f58bB709b5

    Upon receipt of the payment, I will consider the matter resolved, and I will refrain from initiating any legal actions against you. Failure to comply will result in immediate legal proceedings.

    I urge you to treat this matter with the utmost urgency, as further delays may exacerbate the consequences you may face.

    Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

    Please note that I have also sent out a hardcopy of this correspondence to your office.


    Casimira Oatley
    3360 St Jean Baptiste St, St Boniface De Shawinigan, G0x 2l0, QC, Canada, 819-535-6780

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  5. Ann Freytag
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