Comic Con’s Best and Most Creative

Most Creative and Best Looking Cosplays at San Diego Comic Con 2014 and a cool item here and there :)

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More Con Pictures but first a tale as old as time …..


Some say evil is born, but others know that evil is made.



It is nurtured into the darkness it is to become.



Until one day it arises to claim but it believes to be theirs.



Sometimes an evil is so great that great enemies have been known to join forces against such power.



But sometime even great forces mustered need and thru time can not stop such a time.



That is until a even greater evil arises. An evil that even demons from Sunnydale are known to fear.



The life’s of some innocents are of course lost in such a battle.



Evil is defeated and the villain retreats, wounded of both body and pride.



And of course there are those that did nothing, but none the less try and take full credit.

The End… for now :p

Now More Pictures….


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Cosplay Pictures by DavinciSMURF

Picture of PreReg Cosplay by Brittani Fox


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